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About Metovation

Metovation is a website design company based in Lake Mary, Florida. We provide website design, search engine optimization, and mobile application development. Our websites are fully managed. We handle the complex coding, hackers, hosting, and behind the scenes maintenance, so you can focus on content and brand promotion.

Established in 2021, Metovation is led by founder Jonathan Gibbons, a certified webmaster administrator with over 20 years of experience with website development, software systems analysis, and IT consultation. We service customers throughout the United States, with a mission to empower organizations with innovative IT solutions. We'd love to hear from you about your website and/or broader IT needs.

A Welcome Message from the Founder

Roughly eight years ago, I decided to move on from running a website development company, and enter the corporate world of Fintech. I have dedicated these past eight years towards developing sophisticated tools to fight financial criminals. Through this time, I have also witnessed major brands struggle with technical challenges, many within the realm of web-based applications.

It is still common for many friends to ask me for help with their small business IT challenges. Hence, it has become abundantly clear that brands of all shapes and sizes require professional website design services, and IT solutions, from a company that will serve them with integrity and professionalism. In 2022, it's not enough to throw up a do-it-yourself website. An effective website should be accessible, secure, discoverable by all search engines, and unique. More importantly, you should feel supported and have faith in your website design company.

So, I offer you Metovation. A full-service website design and SEO company. Dedicated to tackling the challenges of volatile search engine algorithms and rapid technological change. Driven to innovate and change the way we live through leveraged systems and custom application development, Metovation is focused on using technology to make the world a better place. Our websites are fully managed. We handle the complex coding, hackers, hosting, and behind the scenes maintenance, so you can focus on content and brand promotion.

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- Jonathan Gibbons

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Jonathan Gibbons

Founder & CEO of Metovation

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"Jon was so helpful and made it easy to build my site just the way I wanted. He always got back to me quickly and had my site up and running in no time. He was very patient when I wanted to make changes or needed help. Jon had great suggestions and the tools that he implemented on my site has helped me so much with my day to day business. He went the extra step and helped to sync all of my contacts and social media accounts as well. I would absolutely recommend him! It was a pleasure doing business with him!"

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"Excellent communications. Informative and proactive. I would highly recommend."

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